Banana fanzine # 5

Believe it or not, but it´s out again and pretty alive, no joke, new issue of Banana fanzine is out. And...yes, printed again, yes on paper, so right now is the time to start bitching "why the fukk couldn´t it be a webzine", well webzines do not rule, printed DO!

So take this web just as a message on the pinboard...  

Giving end to your days of borendom all of you folks , whose heart beat to the trad ska, reggae or soul rhythm. Back by popular demand the new Banana is out, not as strong and confident as before, but still offering the healthy alternative in nowadays music scene. The new issue contains interview with Chris Murray, yes that guy and his guitar, the first to show the world ska is fun even acoustically and without blasting horn sections, but I am sure most of you know him.<> Interview with Victor Rice the MAESTRO, bass string puller, sound arranger, button pusher and controls corrector, the ONE and ONLY.<> Fanzines need a push, small labels need a push and in my opinion it is really important, to show who are the people, that are the columns of ska scene , this time with Do the dog fanzine/records creator Kevin Flowerdew, peeping into his label/private life and ska scene in the U.K. Inspiring reading. <> Blowing the dust off Rudy Willy's record collection this time focusing on Herbie Man+Tommy McCook Cooperation, Georgie Fame and Blue beat, danish band Mek Pek Party and Tony Ellis the black reggae punker. <> For a moment stop dancing the Monkey and murmuring "Um, Um, Um,Um, Um, Um" soulfully a get some knowledge on the 60' s soul icon Major Lance <> and from the 60's Chicago soul scene let's move to the nowadays Motown [I mean Detroit] soul sensation The ELEVATIONS <> One of the finest Belgium's [you don't get much ska from this country, do you?] ska bands , the chocolate coated Moon Invaders answer here couple questions too<> straight outta Sao Paulo, the true Babylon, one of the world's best bands in the genre FIREBUG paid us a visit and shared their secrets with no one else than the Banana readers <> And last but not least, it is the DREADSKIN's turn, the man from the magnificent MOOD speaks his mind<> the essential music and fanzine reviews can' t be missing. I really can't promise you, you' ll be satisfied, but can assure you, that the whole BANANA team did its best.


Most of the bands, that apear on the paper, apear on the CD too. Our aim is to give the "new" or "unknown" bands, that rule, a chance, no one else gives them. In case you think, your band rules, let me know. Geographically in numbers on this cd : Indonesia : 2, Phillippines : 1, Venezuela : 2, Brasil : 1, USofA : 7, Italy : 1, Belgium : 1, Portugal : 1, Galizia(Spain): 1, Wales(U.K) : 1, Germany : 1, Spain : 1, Finland : 2, Outer Space : 1. If you think there are some mediocre, boring or really bad bands, then my friend, I guess you spent the last few moments of reading this homepage in the wrong way. Sorry, Boss tunes only !
1. KK Imitator -This Banana station (taken from the yellow peel)
2. The Coldspot 8 - All my life (taken from "Get on High"cd)
3. Apollo 10 - Imagination (taken from the promo cd)
4. Firebug - Gimme your love (taken from s.t. cd)
5. Catwalk - Almost ready (taken from "Thin rebelion" cd)
6. The Moon Invaders - Love her soul (taken from s.t. cd)
7. Contratempos - Eu nao sou de cá (taken from "Algures, no meio do nada" cd)
8. Dandy Fever - Cara a min (taken from s.t. cd)
9. Hora Cero - No te miento (taken from "Superllanero" cd)
10. Smoke like a fish - Poison (taken from "Survival of the Hip'est" cd)
11. Chris Murray - Heartache (taken from "One Everything" cd)
12. Jazzbo - Berlin Blue Beat (taken from "Black friday" cd)
13. Lightman - Spring time (taken from "Spring Time" cd)
14. Mister Swing and the Bongo Clan - Cariņo (taken from "Venezuela ska 2 "
15. Riki Rocksteady - Damn the Greyhound (taken from "Your official introduction" cd)
16. Shanty Town - Special request (taken from "Ska Jazz de Barcelona" cd)
17. The Big Sound - Waiting (taken from "Stand so tall" cd)
18. The Elevations - What can I do (taken from s.t. cd)
19. The Lonely Boys feat. Mush One - Mutiny (taken from "Version city"
20. Neighbors - Simbang Gabi (taken from "Shame n' Skandal vol. 2"
21. The Valkyrians - I don't wanna go home (taken from "Miracle" cdep)
22. Victor Rice - Neighbors (taken from "In America" cd)
23. ShaggyDog - Oya (taken from s.t. cd)
24. Los Granadians - Terror suspenso reggay sideral (taken from"El temperamental sonido de Los Granadians vol.1" cd)

Price: 6 euro(europe) 8 usd(rest of the globe)
Mailorder: Banana/Dvorskeho 18 B/639 00 Brno/Czech republic
Banana knockout (won't bite ya)
Help needed:if you a run a distro or just could sell few copies to your friends get in touch with me, you'll help me a lot, get rich quickly and learn how to slip and slide on the Banana peel, thank you


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